The Fifth Perspective

A Workshop with Rudolf Stüssi

June 11 to 14, 2009

Museum HR Giger, 1663 Gruyères, Switzerland

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How we perceive the world is based on three elements: the physical constraints of the eye, the conversion of the images in the brain, and the broader cultural perception.

Ever since the Renaissance period, our civilization has attempted numerous times to transfer the three-dimensional reality of our surroundings onto the two-dimensional plane – by means of perspective: the isometric, the one-point, two-point, three-point, and even the four-point (or curved) perspective.

By piercing the customary limits of perspective with his remarkably oblique cityscapes, however, Rudolf Stüssi has crafted an international name for himself. His work represents yet another development of the traditional perspective.

His own term for this development is Distortionism or THE FIFTH PERSPECTIVE.

How does the Fifth Perspective manifest itself?

It creates inclined dynamics which are impossible in the linear perspective.
It permits the positioning of emphasis and focal point exactly as required by the vision of the artist.
It opposes the tyranny of the rectangle.
It permits movement across the entire image.
It ensures plausibility without the bluntness of realism.
It bestows every subject matter with a hint of poetry and playfulness.

The purpose of the workshops is as follows:

  1. to familiarize the participants with the basic principles of the common perspective by means of simple exercises.
  2. to explain, illustrate, and demonstrate each individual procedural step of the Fifth Perspective.
  3. to provide the opportunity to the participants to create their own work in this perspective on location, using the unique surroundings of the town and castle of Gruyères.



5pm–6pmRegistration. Cocktail reception with Rudolf Stüssi and the participants at the Giger Bar.
8pm–9.30pmIntroduction. Tour of the Museum HR Giger and presentation of Rudolf Stüssi's works.


9amCoffee and crumpets at the seminar room.
9.30am–12pmLecture, demonstrations, and work with regard to the isometric, the one-point, and two-point perspective.
12.15pmPersonal or purchased lunch, outdoors.
1.15pm–3pmLecture and demonstrations regarding the three-point, and the curved perspective.
3.15pm–5pmExercises on location, outdoors.
6pmCocktail reception at the Giger Bar.
 Evening at participants' disposal.


9amCoffee and crumpets at the seminar room.
9.30am–10.30amLecture regarding the Fifth Perspective, with examples.
10.45am–12pmPencil exercises on location.
12.15pmPersonal or purchased lunch, outdoors.
1.15–4.30pmFifth Perspective drawing and painting on location.
4.30pm–approx. 5.30pmJoint review of works created.
6pmCocktail reception at the Giger Bar.
7pm–9pmJoint dinner at the restaurant.


9amCoffee and crumpets at the seminar room.
9:30am–12.30pmCreation of new Fifth Perspective image on location.
1.30pm–3pmJoint review of works created, conclusion.

HR Giger will attend either Thursday's cocktail reception or Saturday's joint dinner. It is recommended to try a fondue for dinner; it is a specialty for which Gruyères is world famous for.

Cost of seminar, including dinner on Saturday: CHF 650.

Hotels in Gruyères: please book single rooms yourself. If twin or three bed rooms are required, we will try to make the necessary arrangements for you.

For registration please write to Reference: Seminar RUDOLF STÜSSI.