The bar, as well as the museum which houses this unique architectural installation, is the unmistakable work the Swiss Surrealist H.R. Giger. Known for his Oscar-winning designs for Ridley Scott’s classic “Alien” film (1980), Giger has left behind his airbrush paintings of the 70’s and 80’s to create a series of three-dimensional spaces in which his aesthetic views, literally, come to life.

If in his paintings he has vividly illustrated the genesis of what he sees as the next steps in the evolution of mankind — the symbiosis of man and machine into new forms of beings— in his new sculptural and architectural works he makes you part of them.

The artist renovated a 400 year old, four-story medieval chateau high atop a hill in the picturesque Swiss town of Gruyères to build his museum, a labyrinthine structure with two meter-thick walls that is now home to the most comprehensive permanent display of the Giger’s artwork, spanning his 40 year career.

There is a truly organic feel in the wing of the castle that houses the Museum Bar, with its bone-colored furniture and awe-inspiring interior design. Giger used a rock-like synthetic material to cast the bar elements to preserve the atmosphere of this ancient chateau, which is a landmark historical building.

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