Dedication of HR Giger's Memorial
Following months of planning, design, and sculpting work, the artist's closest friends felt honoured to be able to commemorate the completion of HR Giger's grave memorial with a small, nocturnal celebration on Saturday, November 19, 2016.
The memorial, a tomb slab designed by Carmen Giger and inspired by ancient Egyptian sarcophagi, was sculpted from a Galaxy dimension stone. Notwithstanding the challenges arising from the requirements and restrictions imposed by the Commune de Gruyères, we were determined to complete this monument true to HR Giger's unique spirit. It was to be as if created by his hand.
Carmen Giger: We selected this particular stone because its golden mineral inclusions resemble a star-scattered night sky; they evoke Nut, the Egyptian goddess of the sky, rendered by Hansruedi in his painting "Hieroglyphics". Said painting, loved so much by him, was our original choice for a grave adornment, but it was rejected by the Commune de Gruyères.
The profile framing the stone was shaped in accordance with the shape of a small, wonderful wooden table designed and built by Hansruedi as a final exam at the Zurich Art and Design College.
We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to all those who helped in realizing this ambitious project, particularly to sculptors Roli Graf and Willy Sager, who worked on the stone itself.
HR Giger's grave site is located Gruyères, Switzerland, a mere few steps from the Museum HR Giger and the Giger Bar. It is open to the public.
Atelier HR Giger
Museum HR Giger
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