The Kassel Kunstverein holds an exhibition of H.R.G.’s work. H.R.G. works on various series: Passagen, Skin Landscapes and psychedelic airbrush environments.

Friedrich Kuhn – in H.R.G.’s estimation, one of Switzerland’s greatest artists, dies. He was a frequent guest at Li and Eveline’s in 1969/70 and usually spent the night sleeping at the kitchen table. H.R.G. and Kuhn were bound by a deep friendship and mutual admiration. To the Zurich art world, Kuhn was a master of the art of living. Using an airbrush to overpaint a series of photos taken of Kuhn shortly before his death, showing the Magus sitting on his favorite sofa, H.R.G. creates the painting Hommage to Friedrich.

Eveline Bühler, HRG and a friend in Amsterdam in 1976.

In HRG’s home, view from upstairs.

H.R.G. is commissioned to design a record cover for the English rock group Emerson, Lake and Palmer. He creates the cover for the LP Brain Salad Surgery. During a two-week "retreat", H.R.G., in collaboration with Claude Sandoz and Walter Wegmüller, creates Tagtraum (Daydream), a series of four paintings.
Claude Sandoz, HRG and Walter Wegmüller in front of one of their co-work paintings.

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