The garbage trucks that HR photographed during a visit to Cologne.

Li returns to Zurich and lives with Eveline Bühler in Seefeld, not far from H.R.G. In Eveline’s apartment, H.R.G. experiences his first horror nightmare (see HR Giger’s Necro­nomicon). This leads to his so-called "wet-cell" paintings. The continuous-​flow water heater inspires him to paint "The Four Elements". This is followed by Bathtub, Kitchen with Sink and WC. These paintings give impression of being covered with skin. H.R.G. is offered the chance of purchasing a small row house with garden in Oerlikon, Zurich. In April, after two months’ renovations, H.R.G. and Li move in. The Galerie Bischofsberger shows H.R.G.’s Passagen (Passages).

Li I, 1974 (70 x 100 cm). The photograph that HRG used as background to make Li I.

F.M. Murer has been living in London for over a year. An excuse for H.R.G. and Li to visit England. Murer and H.R.G. decide to make the documentary film Passagen on H.R.G.’s pictorial world. London’s mysterious docklands provide the first location.

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