The two houses in the Rindermarkt are demolished. Li is engaged by the St. Gallen Stadttheater. With the help of poet J.M. Seiler, H.R.G. finds a large room in a shared apartment, again in a condemned house n the Alte Feldeggstraße in Zurich, where he continues to paint small landscapes in oil. Gallery owner Bruno Bischofsberger visits H.R.G. in his studio and buys a series of ink drawings and oil paintings. He advises H.R.G. to number and photograph all his works. H.R.G. participates in the exhibition Hommage à Che in the Galerie Stummer, Zurich.

HR and Friedrich Kuhn.

HRG’s painting “Friedrich Kuhn II”, 1973.   The photo that Giger used for the painting.


H.H. Kunz, friend, collector and co-owner of Switzerland’s first poster publishing company, prints H.R.G.’s first posters and distributes them world-wide.

Jörg Stummer includes two silk-screen prints in his catalogue.

Bruno Bischofsberger publishes the large silk-screen portfolio Biomechanoids 1969. H.R.G. makes his first and, to date, last, excursion into theater designing costumes and make-up for the actors in Edward Bond’s Early Morning, a Peter Stein production at the Zurich Schauspielhaus.

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