Back in Zurich in the fall, he paints small technical/organic landscapes in oil on artist’s cardboard.

HRG and Sergius Golowin at HR’s home in Zurich. Li posing on the Suitcase-Baby.

Fred E. Knecht. proprietor of the Galerie Obere Zäune, includes paintings and objects by H.R. Giger in the exhibition Macht der Masken (Power of Masks).

Basilo Schmid, nicknamed Pascha, an old friend from Chur, persuades H.R.G. to give up his nine-to-five job with Andreas Christen in order to devote more time to art. H.R.G. works in the Tessin, again, for a few weeks. F. M. Murer commissions him to produce props for the planned 30-minutes film Swissmade. He now attempts the difficult task of creating a shell of polyester vinyl for a dog and for the "monster". This is his first extraterrestrial being, and it has a built-in image and sound recorder in its head and chest. Tina Gwerder plays the superstar wearing this costume. Paul Waibels’s dog wears its own tailor-made casing.

Jean-Marc Seiler, HRG and Fred M. Murer.

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