In addition to his nine-to-five job, he spends long nights producing larger and larger ink drawings. The ink is brushed onto Transcop paper using a toothbrush and a wire sieve. The highlights are scratched away with a razor blade and the darker areas are built up with a rapidograph. First solo exhibition in the Galerie Benno, Zurich.

Li with bodypainting from HRG, 1973. 1967
H.R.G. and Li move into an empty attic flat in a neighboring condemned house. Here he produces works such as Birth Machine, Under the Earth and Astro-Eunuchs. H.R. G. meets the writer Sergius Golowin and the film-maker F.M. Murer.

He is featured in poet/provocateur Urban Gwerder’s multi-media evening called “Poëtenz-Show”, by the film High a ten-minute documentary on his paintings made by F.M. Murer. In the summer, he again spends some months in Tessin. Produces sculptures: Beggar, Suitcase Baby, and Life-Support, etc.

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