The German film museum arranges a large exhibition about Giger's film designs in Frankfurt am Main. Subsequently, the exhibition is also shown at the Tampere Art Museum in Finland.

A further retrospective takes places in San SebastiŠn, Spain.


On the occassion of Giger's 70th birthday, the exhibition HR Giger in Obwalden is held in Sarnen, Switzerland, accompanied by a catalog.

25 years after Celtic Frost's To Mega Therion album, Giger collaborates with Celtic Frost's successor band, Triptykon, and contributes the painting Vlad Tepes.


The Kunst Haus Wien in Vienna hosts the exhibition Tršume und Visionen (Dreams and Visions).

Giger is invited by director Ridley Scott to contribute to the Alien successor Prometheus. He creates several dozen sketches and meets with Scott in London.


Giger and Carmen attend the premiere of Prometheus in London, invited by Ridley Scott.


Giger is "featured artist" of the Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria, and shows the exhibition Die Kunst der Biomechanik at the Lentos Art Museum.

The book "Alien Diaries" is published, containing both a faksimile of Giger's original Alien diaries and transcriptions in English and German.

The 15 year anniversary of the Giger Museum is celebrated in GruyŤres in the attendance of the artist.


In spring, the second collaboration of Giger and Triptykon, the album Melana Chasmata, is released.

On May 12, Giger dies after a fall in his house. On May 25, he is interred at the cemetery in GruyŤres, within sight of his museum.

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