HRG in front of Shepperton Studios, Great Britain, where he realised most of his work for “Alien”.

HR Giger’s Necronomicon had just recently been published in several languages in the autumn of 1977. One of the first copies is sent to Dan O’Bannon, who shows it to Ridley Scott and 20th Century Fox, the company in whom the Alien project has found a Hollywood producer with ample financial resources. The men from the film company are convinced that H.R.G. is the right man for the project.

At the beginning of February, director Ridley Scott and two producers from 20th Century Fox inform H.R.G. of the conditions and financial arrangements regarding the film. Four hours later, the ordeal is over and the gentlemen travel back to the US. 20th Century Fox finances an Alien portfolio of six silk-screen prints, which H.R.G. hands over, signed and numbered, to the film publicists.

 LSD-‘Pope’ Timothy Leary with friend and Mia Bonzanigo

To promote the movie, H.R.G. is sent with Mia, the troubleshooter, to Nice for the European première, and from there to London and Paris. Weeks later, he flies to New York, and, after a stopover in Dallas where he gives a total of 23 TV interviews in one day, he finally turns up, stressed and depressed, just in time to attend the preview in Hollywood the company of Mia, Timothy Leary, and his wife Barbara. The official release takes place two days later in Graumann’s Egyptian Theater on Sunset Boulevard. The huge Space-Jockey, especially created for the film, is bought in from England and displayed in front of the cinema. It is later the victim of a pyromaniac attack.

H.R.G. and Mia give interviews for up to five hours a day. H.R.G. thereby develops a real "Alien interrogation allergy". After this mega-trip, H.R.G. and Mia marry.

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