Tagtraum is exhibited at the Bündner Kunstmuseum. The atmosphere of the voluntary retreat during which the work was created is captured in a documentary film by J.J Wittmer.

Passagen-Tempel (Passage Temple), a work that H.R.G. has created expressly for the Galerie Sydow-Zirkwith, is subsequently exhibited inthe foyer of the Bündner Kunstmuseum.

The Passagen-Temple. HRG in the Passagen-Temple.
The Passagen-Temple is created.

Jörg Stummer encourages Li to open her own gallery in a space adjoining his. She shows Manon, Pfeiffer and Klauke. At her last exhibition, entitled Schuwerk (Shoe Works), where the guests are invited to appear at the vernissage in outlandish shoe creations, H.R.G. films the guests for the documentary Giger’s Necronomicon. This film is produced in collaboration with J.J. Wittmer. After this artistic stir, Li falls back into a state of lethargy and ends her life with a bullet.


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