HRG with the Hell’s Angels in Prague. Photo: Panja Jürgens
Ibanez Guitars introduces the HR Giger Signature Guitar Series.
The opening of Works Never Shown at the Galerie Baviera, Zurich. April 14 – July 13: HR Giger in Prague, a retrospective at the National Technical Muzeum, Prague, Czech Republic. The success of the show is marred by the fact that the two important paintings ELP I and IIdisappeared before the

works were returned to Zurich after the close of the exhibition.

Grof Transpersonal Training ( and Carmen organize a seminar in the museum with Stanislav Grof and HR Giger. Special guest is their friend Albert Hofmann. The 99 years old discoverer of LSD is still in very good shape.

On December 1st Urs Tremp opens up the Gigeregg in St.Gallen, Switzerland – a shop offering Giger art and items ( Eli Livingston, under Giger’s supervision, finishes sculpting the silver Guardian Angel pendant in time for Christmas. Dr. Carlos Arenas of the University of Valencia, Spain, publishes his PhD thesis, El mundo de Hr. Giger.

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