Mia organizes a big retrospective in Milan, at the Palazzo Bagatti Valsecchi, H.R. Giger – Visioni di Fine Millennio, Arteutopia. Development of an idea for a new film project based on a story and sculpture by H.R.G.: The Cross and the Blade. Experiments with holograms, 100 x 100cm, in collaboration with Urs Fries and Fischers.
 HRG and Carmen. HRG signing at an opening in Lucerne, Switzerland.

In collaboration with Thomas Riehm, the official Giger Internet WebSite goes online on March 19 under the address www.HRGiger.com. In the first year, over 200,000 visitors from over 100 countries log on.

Giger's new book www HRGiger com, an authentic life story of Giger from the early sixties till today, is published by the publishing company Benedikt Taschen, Cologne, On the 11th of September the St. Germain Gruyères AG purchase by auction the Castle St. Germain for the formation of the new Giger-Museum.

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