Continues work on Species, the science-fiction film by R. Donaldson based on the screenplay by D. Feldman and produced by Frank Mancuso, Jr. for MGM, L.A.. For the film, H.R.G. designs and extraterrestrial beauty and a "minimalized" ghost train. The film is released in the USA in July and is MGM’s biggest success to date: box office take is US$ 17.1 million in one weekend alone.

H.R.G.’s work on Species inspires him to build a garden train, which he creates as outdoor installation, constructing a 7 1/4-gauge railway in his garden. He is helped by Harry Omura, Florian, Stahl & Traum, Ball & Sohn, Robert Christoph Jr., Marco Poleni, Fritz Rütimann, Andy Stutz and Tanja Wolfensberger. H.R.G. and S. Beretta tackle several book projects, including the book accompanying the film Species, published before the year is out, and another book on Giger’s film designs. The editing and translating of both of these books is supervised by Les Barany. He launches his project, H.R. Giger Under Your Skin and begins to assemble photographs of tattoos featuring Giger motifs.

Zurich, Kunsthaus: Illusion, Emotion, Realität, a centennial exhibition celebrating 100 years of film, curated by Dr. H. Szeemann. Further exhibitions in Vienna, Venice and Barcelona. F. Alain Gegauf becomes a friend and advisor to H.R.G.. H.R.G. participates with four drawings Sex Education Charts in the Erotika exhibit at the Kunsthaus Zürich.

H.R. Giger also works with Leslie Barany on a comprehensive book on his Mystery of San Gottardo project, to be published simultaneously in English and German.

 HRG and Les Barany with the new Goggle Baby.

Together with computer graphics specialists Fabian Wicki in Berne and PanVision, H.R.G. creates 3-D images for a 1996 Benedikt Taschen calendar and begins on the book www H.R. Giger com.

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