H.R. Giger celebrates his fiftieth birthday. Works on ideas for Ridley Scott’s film The Train. Scott, however, postpones the film.

Preparations, with the energetic assistance of Etienne Chatton and Barbara Gawryziak, for the exhibition Alien dans ses Meubles taking place in the Chateau Gruyères from May to September. Breaks away from his long-time manager, Ueli Steinle. Beginning of his work with Leslie Barany, who has been a good friend for 10 years, as his new agent.

Designs a bag for the Migros Group with a print run of one million. Various exhibition in the Kunsthaus in

Chur in honor of his birthday. Kunst und Krieg in Berlin. Drawings in Guarda, and Nyon at the Galerie Carrè Blanc. For CruschAlba restaurant in Guarda, he designs one side of a gold coin (value Sf. 250) to be used as a voucher for a meal for two people.

Makes various iron casts of old sculptures. Participates in several documentary films, including Gens de la Lune for the television program Viva By C. Delieutraz; Telè cinè Romandie by Andrè Blanchoud; and profiles for Japanese television.

Further work with Mia Bonzanigo. Mona Uhl successfully battles the chaos in the house. Furniture designs for the Giger Bar in Chur in collaboration with T. Domenig, Chur. The most important project this year, however, is the design for the American film Alien 3. Preparatory work for ART 1991 in the Galerie Hilt in Basel. Enquiries from Disney Imageneering about future collaboration.

Works on his own film project, The Mystery of San Gottardo. An accompanying book, in the form of a graphic novel, in which Giger’s Biomechanoids plays and an important role, also takes shape. H.R.G. regards this year as very important.

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