H.R.G is commissioned by Volvo to produce a painting for Isaac Asimov’s short story The Route to Hyperspace. In Zurich, Edition C reprints Necronomicon 1 and 2. The deluxe edition in an embossed cover contains an original lithograph, printed by the legendary Max Winistorf, who died shortly afterwards.

"BD Comics Festival" in Sierre in Valais canton.


Preparations for a large exhibition in the galleries of the Seibu Museum of Art in Tokyo in February 1987. Both Necronomicon 1 and 2 and Giger’s Alien translated into Japanese and published by Treville. Catalan Communications N.Y.C. publishes the first English translation supplement of Necronomicon 2.

Commissioned by the Swiss TV channel DRS to design a TV prize, the "Prix Tell". Conny de Fries produces the model following the designs of H.R.G.

In Japan, Sony launches the first laser discs with cover designs by H.R.G. Alexander Bohr films a 45-minute portrait on The Fantastic Universe of H.R. Giger for the German TV channel ZDF. Poltergeist II is released worldwide. The film is a box office hit in the United States, but in Europe it soon disappears from the screen. H.R.G. is very unhappy with visual interpretation of his ideas.

 HRG with his close friend Ernst Fuchs whom he adores

 HRG with his close friend Ernst Fuchs whom he adores

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