Retrospective exhibition in the Pfäffikom Culture Center; exhibition catalogue published by Edition ABC. Film on the retrospective by Daniel Freitag and Rolando Colla. Ron Moore, director of Future Kill, persuades Giger to design the posters for his film. The posters are

 HRG with his longtime friend and great artist Martin Schwarz

published by Ed Neal, the legendary Texas Chainsaw Massacre actor. Collaboration with Martin Schwarz. Approximately fifteen paintings are produced. Friendship with Marlyse greatly influences Giger’s image of women.

Commissioned by MGM to create various horror scenes for the film Poltergeist II, under the direction of Brian Gibson. On December 1, 1984, H.R.G. and his manager fly to Los Angeles. H.R.G. is signed for the film.

Giger’s colleague, de Fries, hired by Richard Edlund (Boss Film), tries to push through as

many of Giger’s ideas as possible. De Fries is permitted to produce only models, however. On May 23, 1985, filming starts on location, a supermarket in the desert near Los Angeles. Giger and his manager meet Julian Beck, the terminally-ill former head of the Living Theater. H.R.G. realizes he’s worrying on the wrong film. Too late! When he signed his contract, no one had been willing of able to give H.R.G any details of Aliens, going into production at the

same time. The early rushes of the children’s horror movie Poltergeist II, written by Michael Grais and Mark Viktor, look professional. Richard Edlund’s special effects have not been filmed yet, bit nevertheless, H.R.G. is worried about the quality of the final product, since the storyline is weak and not to his taste.

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